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Celebrate New Years in Mexico with Ben Annand, Kaminanda, Spice Traders, Coyoti, Trinity Gia, and Jaacha! In a first of its kind offering Teleport will be combining Music & NFT Art at our new partner space in Nuevo Vallarta. CoLyve Hostel & NFT Art Gallery is a next generation space for forward thinking artists and digital nomads. The venue has a beautiful event hall, bar, and sleeping accommodations as well as a fifteen screen gallery for NFT art.

Pre-sale tickets available >HERE<


Check in Friday and join us for a guided Mezcales culture walking tour of the surrounding area late afternoon… Then bring in the New Year with this specially curated top shelf musical shenaniganza Saturday night. Finally wrap up the experience with an afterparty pub crawl at Bucerias beach on Sunday.

Ben Annand
Spice Traders
Trinity Gia

Velvet Bunny
Maryanne Chisholm
Melivoros Kapensis
Voided Existence

Visit for accommodation reservations. 

Step into a reality where mutant vehicles prowl the open wild. Where bright neon illuminates the dark Mojave sky. Where adventure yields the rewards of connectivity and collaboration makes possible the unique experience that is Teleport Art Car Festival.

Teleport Art Car Festival is in the Mojave desert, just two hours outside of LA. We are a collaborative project, produced by The Blackbird Bus, which brings together art car crews from all over for a unified event.


What is an art car?, you ask?!

An art car is a vehicle that has had its appearance modified as an act of personal artistic expression. The cars range from imaginatively painted vehicles to extravagant fantasies whose original bodies are concealed beneath newly sculptured shells, creating expressions of individual ideas, values, beliefs, and dreams. Some art cars act as mobile stages with integrated sound systems and DJ booths. Other art cars act as mobile lounges and art installations.

Teleport uniquely places the focus on art cars in motion. Our attendees are invited to explore these attractions in a freeform manner as they roll across the playa. Want to catch a set on the Blackbird Bus? Jump on board at the Teleport Bus Stop or catch a ride on the Vibeapple on its way to link up. Follow your ears and eyes and create your own adventure!

Things to Bring

- Typical camping supplies: Tent, chairs, shade canopies, ground cover, battery powered lights, gas powered grills, batteries
- Food, beverages, and plenty of water for 3 full days

- Reusable dishware (cups/bowls/utensils) for the free food magic hour by Wild Love Vegan
- Bandannas, facemasks, goggles
- Thick warm coat for evening
- Trash bags
- Sunscreen
- First aid kit
- Extra TP/Sanitizer for portable restrooms.

- Toiletries for showering (showers available by purchase)
- Printed directions
- Absolutely anything you plan on needing or using. Self sufficiency means just that.
- Bicycles that are well lit are welcome as the playa is smooth!


Playa Weather
The wind on the playa can be quite intense at times. Ensure your items are properly secured to prevent property damage or physical injury.

We recommend investing in:
-extra long stakes, rebar, lag bolts or tie line to secure tents and canopies as stock stakes are typically not sufficient for extreme wind conditions.

Please be prepared for any weather out in the desert. It is typically hot and dry during the day but drops to radically cold at night. Simply prepare for anything and you should be fine. We will update weather conditions as changes occur.

Teleport is a leave no trace event

- Pack in/out all camping supplies, shelter, clothing, food, and water. Any waste generated at your campsite must be hauled with you on exit. If you bring something with you, it must leave with you. Please make sure that all trash is disposed of correctly so that plastic bags, empty containers, cardboard, food waste, etc. do not get blown off into the middle of the desert. If you smoke, dispose of cigarette butts accordingly. Please bring a portable ashtray if you smoke. Did we mention cigarette litter is unacceptable on the playa? Do your part. Clean up.

spacey jones.jpg

Directions will be sent to

Ticket-Holders & Email Subscribers ONLY

- Plan ahead as the directions will never be posted publicly. Please do not share them publicly. Do not send them to people you do not know personally.
- Be sure to print a physical copy of the directions as the location has spotty cell reception and wifi is not provided.
- We recommend resetting your odometers “trip” feature after each direction to record your mileage instead of relying on your phone's routing.
- Do not rely on road signage or other discrete markings alone to be accurate.
- Make sure to drive safely. Always have a spare tire and emergency tools with you. The location is only two hours from LA and the roads are in amazing shape so we are not expecting problems. We will update you with any further changes.
- Portable Restrooms on site. Showers available by purchase.
- Art Cars, RV’s, UTVs, Off-Road Vehicles, Motorcycles, Wasteland Vehicles are welcome.